Having Fun On The Old Town And Jewish Quarter Walking Tour
Having Fun on the Old Town and Jewish Quarter Walking Tour

Jewish Quarter and Old Town Prague Walking Tour

A Unique Old Town and Jewish Quarter Small Group Prague Walking Tour

Yes, this is the original Old Town and Jewish Quarter Walking Tour delivered in Native English by me, a British Prague resident living here since 1996 and NEVER more than 6 on a group (unless it’s a private tour). Two and a half hours of interesting history about many of Prague’s popular attractions, off the beaten path exploring hidden parts of the centre, fun stories, light-hearted most of the time but serious when it needs to be and overall a unique view of the city for all ages.

Don’t take my word for it. Read the many Excellent Tour Reviews on Trip Advisor. Or if you want even more detail about this tour then read on.

What now?

Click Here for the Prague Old Town and Jewish Quarter Walking Tour Tickets

Click Here for the Prague Old Town and Jewish Quarter Walking Tour Tickets

If you’re happy to book places then just click on the “Get Your Tickets Here” banner and in a couple of seconds you’ll have a calendar displayed. Select a date/time that’s good for you and buy the tickets that you need (prices start at 16 Euros for single tickets and there are discounts for couples, seniors, families and groups).

Like the tour but need it on a different day/time? or do you want to make a scheduled tour private? If you have any questions or requests then feel free to CONTACT ME and I’ll see what I can do to fit in with your schedule.

MY TIP: Couples under 70 should buy a pair of tickets as it works out cheaper than buying two singles. Couples over 70? you get a 10% discount on the booking. Group of 4? then the cheapest option is to buy two pairs of tickets. Family? You can use a family discount code but it’s likely that the “Reserved” ticket will be cheaper (plus it allows for a private tour at not much extra cost).

What is covered in the Old Town and Jewish Quarter Prague Walking Tour?

  • The Old Town Square, the surrounding architecture including the Old Town Hall, Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Church of ST Nicholas, Kinsky Palace and hear about the changes over the years and events that have happened here.
  • Let’s get Off The Beaten Path and explore many passages, alleyways and courtyards.
  • Understand the events that triggered the Velvet Revolution.
  • Franz Kafka, a literary giant now but not always. Learn about his short but fascinating history and his unintended legacy.
  • The Jewish Quarter, what still exists like the Pinkas Synagogue, Klausen Synagogue, Ceremonial Hall, Old New Synagogue, Spanish Synagogue, Jewish Town Hall. See what it used to be like and the stories of triumph and sacrifice.
  • The Old Jewish Cemetery, see inside and learn the real reason why it closed.
  • Czech and Bohemian heroes like Jan Palach, where and why they fell.
  • Jan Hus, a priest burned at the stake but not a Saint, learn why not.
  • The meanings of the street names and why they’ve changed several times.
  • Enjoy the Cubist, Art Deco and Art Nouveau architecture of the area and learn why it’s so widespread in the city.
  • Learn about the Gory Details of Revolution, the winner takes it all.
  • Plus a selection of Stories, Legends and Personal Anecdotes from over the years.

As one of my previous clients put it:

“Brilliant way to see Prague, Little did I know it was going to be the best city walking tour I’ve had the privilege to experience. To get the history, tidbits of interest and that in someone who loves what they do is priceless.” .

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  1. We were lucky enough to be the only ones on Jason’s Tour so we had a personalised and fascinating insight into the Old Town and its secrets. Very enjoyable and good value for money. Would recommend it to anyone as a an introduction to Prague before visiting other parts of the City. Thanks Jason

  2. What a nice blog! Thanks for sharing valuable information with us. All the information are to the point. Segway tour in Prague is one of the amazing attraction in Prague.The beauty of Prague lies on the architectural establishment. The foods name you have shared really impressive and one should taste these foods during Prague tour.

    1. Hi Lewis, thanks for your kind comments. I was recently reading that Segway Tours are now banned from the Prague 1 historic centre of the city i.e. the Old Town, Lesser Town, Castle, Wenceslas etc so if people want to do this kind of tour they go to places outside the centre. I hope that people booking in advance realise this. Of course, I prefer walking tours to really get into the cracks of the city.

  3. His tour was great. He took me to a lot of places that you wouldn’t see with one of those bigger tours. It was very detailed, informative and interesting. Highly recommended.

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