Prague Walking Tours Ebook

The Little Prague Walking Tours Book (Printed Version)



The Prague Walking Tours Book is an A6 (pocket-size), colourful printed and ring-bound book with 15 self-guide walking tours covering the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, New Town, Lesser Town and Prague Castle area.

Most tours start in one of the large squares in the city. The walks can be done separately or in order depending on how much time you want to spend. Each tour gives an approximate amount of time required. Leave it in your bag and if you fancy a bit more of a structured look at the city then choose a walk. Don’t forget that this book is also available as a download for 3 Euros so if you’d prefer that then CLICK HERE.

If you like the off-the-beaten-path style but you want more info then consider one of my GUIDED PRAGUE WALKING TOURS.


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