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Prague Events Libor Smoldas

Prague Events, Libor Smoldas

I use local resources for searching for Prague events. For clubs and gigs I use a Czech club search engine but I show you how to use it. For Classical concerts, Jazz, Opera, Ballet and Black light I use well established services in Prague so on those sites you’ll arrive on a page that has the search calendar. Simply enter your “From” and “To” dates, select a category if you want or leave it blank to see all Prague events. Click “Search” to get the results. There is Venue and Program information and pricing. Add to Cart and pay at the end. You select whether you want to save and print your own tickets or collect when you get here.


Simply enter your “From” and “To” dates, select a category if you want or leave it blank to see everything. Click “Search” to get the results relating to Jazz, Classical concerts, Opera, Ballet and Blacklight. There will be information on performances at any one of hundreds of venues. Each venue has it’s own program and scroll down to see similar events. Check availability and prices for ALL EVENTS


On any given day there are at least 16 jazz clubs open with evening performances. Most are central and each venue has a map so you can easily see where it is. All genres of Jazz are covered including Blues, contemporary and Dixie. My advice to to check the styles of each place which is covered in more detail on my Jazz page or else just see what’s on where on the link below. Check availability and prices for JAZZ EVENTS


Prague is absolutely loaded with beautiful venues for classical music ranging from the huge Smetana Hall at the Municipal House to small salons in the historic Prague Castle. There are performances in many Churches, Chapels, and Palaces throughout the city. This includes the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. You can read more about many of the venues on my Culture page or else click the link below to view the current program. Check availability and prices for CLASSICAL CONCERT EVENTS


Prague’s major theatres are the National Theatre, the State Opera, the Estates Theatre, Laterna Magika and the Hybernia Theatre. The serious performances are at the National and the State Opera. The Estates Theatre mainly does Don Giovanni. Hybernia offers the shorter “cut down” versions of famous productions and Laterna Magika is the home of Contemporary performances. There are links to all the major theatres with descriptions, dress codes and tips on my Culture page. Or else click the link below to see what’s on. Check availability and prices for OPERA and BALLET EVENTS


This first appeared in the late 1950’s but really took off in the 60s. A simple format using Ultra-violet light (Black Light) to highlight flourescent colours on a black background so they they can get away with apparently “gravity defying” acts on stage. Hugely popular with tourists as there is no language issue. There are many different performances with some venues hosting one for the whole year and others rotating smaller performances. I explain more about the art of Black light and make my own recommendations on my Blacklight page otherwise click the link below to see all performances available.Check availability and prices for BLACK LIGHT EVENTS


Here I introduce you to a number of different clubs and show you how to use a local club search engine to find exactly the gig and venue that you want. It’s a little bit more work but it’s worth it. Many gigs Monday to Wednesday can be free. Larger gigs start at @CZK60 and go up to CZK350 depending on band and venue. If you fancy a big gig with hundreds of people or a more intimate small salon gig, you’ll find it on the Nightlife page.

Remember that depending on the time of year that you are here there will be an abundance of places to visit, festivals to see and things to do both day and night. All year round you’ll find pop-up art exhibitions in previously closed shops. In the summer wander over to shooters Island for open-air cinema and gigs. In June you’ll find “Islands of Prague” gig info. In October it’s the Jazz festival. I like the guys at Prague Welcome as they list a lot of the stuff that normally goes under the radar. Search by date/time or genre/activity.